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Women Army Meteorologist

Women Army Meteorologist

 I am a 93F. What do I do? I am a meteorologist, so to speak. Yes, in the army we do meteorology, but its not the conventional thinking of what a meteorologist does. We do take weather reports like wind direction, humidity, temperature, and so on, but what we do not do is to make forecasts. No, we don't predict the weather. The air force and the navy do that, although we do help them.

    So what good is what we do? According to the U.S. field artillery, pretty important. We give the weather reports for a specific time in a specific area. What happens is that the F.D.C. (fire direction control), tells us that they need a certain kind of MET report. Then they give us a specific time to collect the data. For those who don't know what the field artillery is, its where all the big guns are.

    So maybe your thinking, why exactly does the field artillery need us? Because, if you're into weapons or hunt and such, then you probably know that temperature, and wind direction affect a projectile as its moving through the air. Making sense now? And when your talking about things like missiles and huge projectiles that go higher and farther than bullet rounds, you need to know the atmospheric conditions. The atmosphere changes the higher you go, and it can throw a round off target from 50 to 100 meters over or under. Also, if a nuclear missile is used the wind blows the radiation for miles, we also give the wind direction so the FDC can put that information out to the surrounding support.

    The front lines get our information and and adjust their weapons off of our reports. But now we have more advanced weapons recently; weapons that fire farther and much higher. There's one of the latest that can fire a round from Oklahoma City to Dallas Texas. So our previous MET equipment is obsolete. To make up for it, the army has come out with new equipment for us that can measure to an altitude of above 500 meters which is what the new weapons fire. It relies more on satellites in some areas than did before, where we just tracked a balloon with up to four or more of the 24 satellites that we can use.

    With this new equipment coming out its not only good for us as army meteorologists, but this new technology means that we will be having to use more equipment that regular civilian meteorologists use. That means that we could get better civilian MET jobs. Our job is one of the easier ones, Although you do have to do everything in a hurry, its pretty interesting and once you get through the bore of the training, it's pretty fun.

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