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Not Enough of Women Army Us

Not Enough of Women Army Us

 I am a serving Battalion level CSM only one of two in the ordnance corps, with 26 years of service and I am having the time of my life.

I truly enjoy my job, the OPTEMO is very high speed, it is the second best job I have had, the first one was of course when I was a 1sg did that job for six years.

In July of 2002 once I return from a six month deployment I will retire.  Why my body is breaking down my feet are flat my knees are bad my back is going bad and at 47 I just don't run as fast as I once did.

What I don't understand is why there are not more of us,  I came in the service as a 63H back then it was both wheel and track but in the 80's it changed to just track mechanic up until I made 1sg I worked every level of my CMF,  I am not good looking and my typing skills were lacking but I was one hell of a wrench turner  and I was good with people and my chain of command knew it.

Upon my retirement my next great job would be as a motivational speaker for the UP.SO. Army,  When I see so many young people men and women with no one to look up to I ask why. A short true story (on year while at NTC I was walking to one of the mess pads for lunch I notice that a lot of soldiers were looking and pointing at me both male and
 female I thought I may of had toothpaste on my face but come to fine out that the soldiers were from a airborne unit and although they have females in there Bde none of them had ever seen a female csm I WAS SO PROUD).  I am a good public speaker,  and I have a great story to tell.  The only problem is I want to get paid.  As a mechanic to CSM I have seen  and heard it all.

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