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0451 Air Delivery Specialist (Parachute Rigger), USMC

0451 Air Delivery Specialist (Parachute Rigger), USMC

 I am Sgt in the United States Marine Corps and am an 0451 Air Delivery Specialist (Parachute Rigger).  I have been a Marine since 22 May 1995. I have served in Air Delivery Platoons both in Camp LeJeune and Okinawa, Japan.   Our mission is to provide the Aerial Delivery of supplies and equipment when ground re-supply is not possible.  I pack parachutes and rig cargo to be airdropped.  We can drop something as small as a box of MRE's to 5 Tons, bridge pieces, and Howitzers.  You name it-we can rig it and drop it.  I am also a qualified Static Line Jumpmaster and Pathfinder responsible for ensuring that each jumper's equipment and parachute are properly rigged/inspected.  I also rig cargo to be lifted externally and can establish and control Helicopter Landing Sites and Drop Zones as a

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