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Field Corpsman -- Navy

Field Corpsman attached with USMC-R unit- 8404 NEC I had always wanted to join the military. After a 4 week FBI class in Hazardous devices at Redstone in Huntsville AL in 1995, I decided to check into joining a reserve unit.  The Navy has a program where if you have a skill they need bad enough they will advance you in paygrade (usually E4 or E5) once you complete the prerequisites. It is called the APG program. There isn't any boot camp, only a 2 week AT designed to be a mini-boot camp. Seems as if most of the people in my class were over the age of 25 and mature. There were construction specialties, medical personnel, etc.  That was in 1995 I joined. Been great ever since. I completed a field medic course so I can be assigned with the Marines. I have been to 29 Palms CA, New Orleans, Camp Pendelton and Norway for AT. And after hearing NO for so long when I inquire about jump school, I may have found a way to get a seat in a class. Have to thank my Chief for that. This solidifies my thought in that never take no for an answer. There is ALWAYS a way to get it done.

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