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Russian Women Army in Militari Training of War

Russian women army in militari training

These young women will become platoon commanders for in VDV (Airborne Forces) support units in 2013. They joined the Ryazan Airborne Command School in 2008, when it announced openings for female cadets to take courses to prepare them to join Landing Support Units.

On the other hand, psychologists claim that the expansion of women’s roles in civilian society is one of the reasons that more are joining the army.

Female officers mainly serve in medical units (72 percent), signals units (8 percent), and administrative services (4 percent). However, servicewomen must be able to throw grenades from a shelter on a par with any man.

All honour to those who served, who do serve, and those who are preparing to serve! URA! They’re not only the Defenders of the Motherland… they’re the HEROES of the Motherland.

Never miss an opportunity to help or assist a serving soldier… they’re putting their lives on the line for you. They’re the HEROES of the Motherland, as I just said. Such people have the right to “sound off”. Also note who’s a CHUMP of the Motherland. A Chump of the Motherland is a yellow coward who refused to serve in the regular forces (or serve at all). These people have NO right to speak and they should “put a sock in it”. Some prominent Chumps are Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, George W Bush (he hid in the National Guard during Vietnam), Dan Quayle (ditto), Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, Rand Paul, Richard Cheney, Mitch McConnell (one month reserve duty, used political pull to get out of the rest), John Boehner (supposedly bad back, discharged after three weeks duty), Michael Weiner (“Michael Savage”), Tom DeLay, and Chris Christie. In short, virtually all the loudest Neoliberals (“conservatives”) are punk cowards, almost to the last one. Oh, I almost forgot… two more Chumps are Scott Walker (never served) and Scott Fitzgerald (weekend warrior). Note that most real warriors and vets NEVER shoot off their mouths and they aren’t warmongers. All the loud GOP shills are cowards who refused to serve their country in the regular forces.

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