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american and israel women army

In order to fight for Israel, we have to define Israel.  As it can’t technically be a nation without borders or laws, things Israel doesn’t actually have yet, it will have to establish a border and adopt a constitution, one that falls in line with normal human rights.  Thus far, this is a problem.

There are two sets of laws in Israel, actually 3.  One set is for Jews, the other for Gentiles.  Then they have a religious law that oversees all of it, much like Sharia Law in Iran, actually almost identical to it.

America will have to have permanent bases in Israel, 99 year leases, like we have with our other allies.  Thus far, though even Saudi Arabia allows infidels American bases, Israeli law has forbidden Gentile soldiers on their land.

Americans can fight and die for Israel but not step onto Israeli soil, as their religious law lists such an act as “defilement.”

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